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I feel football is a wonderful sport, it has given me many great memories and experiences. Now, I would like the opportunity to give back to the game by coaching children in my home state of Nebraska about the fundamentals of the game.

What I think is unique about my qualifications is the combination of playing experience and coaching experience . I have played football at the major college and pro level. I also have coached at the major college level, having coached at the University of Wisconsin as a graduate assistant. At the University of Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to coach strength and conditioning, with John Dettman, in my opinion one of the best in the business, the offensive line with Bill Callahan and defensive line with Dan McCarney. It was a fantastic experience. which culminated in a Big 10 and Rose Bowl championship my final year. Having coaching experience in three major areas of football is a major plus.

We will also address the importance of education to our kids. Now, this is something that most camps for youths will do. But how many of these instructors have actually “walked the talk”. While at Nebraska I was Academic All-American for two years, I received a post graduate scholarship form College Football Hall of Fame and was voted one of the Top Ten Student Athletes by the NCAA. At Wisconsin, I received a masters in International Business, while coaching and achieved a 3.8 GPA .

It is my goal to have a positive impact on the kids in my football camp, teach them the fundamentals of the game, give them confidence to feel they also can fulfill their dreams. If you have a burning desire, work hard and believe in yourself, you too can experience the joy that comes when you beat the odds and make it. And even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal the journey itself will make you efforts worth while.

I have the utmost respect for today’s teachers of the sport, our high school coaches. I’ve assembled a staff of coaches that I respect. In fact, two of our camp coaches coached me at Omaha South High School. Coaches Jack Oholendt and John Faiman both had a great influence on my football career, they gave me confidence when I needed it and made sure I towed the line when I needed discipline. I am very happy that they have joined me as part of our camp staff.

Football is and always been about the fundamentals of blocking and tackling. The X’s and O’s may change and become very complicated, but when it comes time to implement any of the complicated offensive and defensive schemes, IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO THE FUNDAMENTALS. This is the reason the camp will stress football fundamentals.

We will have the opportunity to talk to the kids at our camp guest lectures about some important lessons that football can teach.

Commitment: At the core of any great athlete, he/she must believe that their abilities must continually work to polish their skills to create a highly efficient and effective player. Committing yourself to an off season conditioning and in season studying, you are saying to your coach and teammates that you are committed to the team.

Competition: Great athletes love to compete, they want to be counted on by their coaches and teammates when the chips are down and the game is on the line.

Loyalty: To make any team successful, a coach must preach to all that “We’re all in this together.” Being sincerely excited for a teammate’s great play or giving credit to another player when no one else may know of that play or contribution are just a few ways to form a loyal group. Always remember that football is the ultimate team sport.

Desire: We’ve all known people whose performance on the field was far greater than their God given talent, these people have succeeded because they have a burning desire to be the best they could be. They are the first ones on the practice field and the last ones to leave. We also have known people that have never lived up to their potential, a very big reason for people failing to live up to their physical potential is their desire...Having a burning desire to succeed is one of the biggest reasons most athletes are successful.

Confidence: A great athlete who has done all he can do to be successful is an athlete who usually displays his confidence on the field of play. In his mind he knows he is prepared both physically and mentally for success. Confidence breeds confidence, when your teammates sense that an athlete is confident, that in turn helps others on the team to become confident.

Sportsmanship: Respect for yourself and the athletes that you are competing with leads to good sportsmanship. Just about every athlete will taste success and many experience failure. Both winning and losing are lessons that can serve a young athlete well as he matures.

I hope you consider joining us on for our football camp, I am excited and confident that we will do a great job teaching your child the fundamentals of the game and even more important giving them insight on what it takes to become a person who is ready for success!


Dave Rimington

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