Rimington Football Camp Testimonials
We enjoy receiving feedback on our campers’ experiences – it helps us learn more and improve the upcoming camps. To share your feedback with us, please email rimfbcamp@gmail.com.

Testimonials from parents of past campers and Parents

“As a parent the quality of personnel made the camp a very positive experience. While the positive messages at the end of each day was worth the price of admission. The boys learned that practice can be fun- my concern going into the camp as it was the first year for my 8 year olds. I was amazed with the amount of one on one help. Dave Rimington spent 20 minutes with my twins which proves that Dave was not just using his name to fill the camp. The results of the camp gave the boys confidence, experience, and desire. I have already seen the impact on their football team. Brandon (9) is starting at QB a position he never considered until working with Ed Thompson and Eric. My twins stand side by side on the Off/Def line replaying two determining players.”

“It was well organized, informative, and a relaxed environment allowing the kids to have fun and learn not only the basics but about football at a higher level.”

“He was always anxious to get there and loved every minute he was there. Says he learned a lot of new things.”

“We felt Elliot had a very good experience. He learned a lot about football, teamwork, and discipline. He had fun doing it!”

“Liam said he learned a lot. We were pleased how academics were emphasized over athletics on the last day of talks by the coaches to pick and choose your friends wisely.”

“A very positive experience. This was his first major sport camp experience. He was nervous but everyone was very nice and helpful. He learned a lot.”

“Mike loves football and enjoyed the camp. He expressed that he learned something everyday and got him into the mood to work harder to prepare for the upcoming season. He enjoys team sports, and meeting new friends that have the same interests as he does.”

“He enjoyed the experience an awful lot, thank you! He said the coaches were friendly and knew a lot. They were organized and the boys got to do many things.”

“The direct involvement of the ‘name’ athletes and the positive encouragement (combined with ‘you are responsible for your own choices’ Pep talks) set a great tone for the camp.”

“Matthew is a 6’, 260lb 12 year old. He felt very comfortable and accepted at the camp. This hasn’t always been the case with a ‘pre-teen boy’ with a ‘man shaped’ body. Matt liked that it was a ‘big camp’. (Well attended) he enjoyed meeting former players. He most appreciated that as a lineman he was able to learn new techniques and how to be an affective member of the team.”

“Yes, the camp was well organized and very professionally run! We were able to afford to go also, because of the reduced scholarship fee that you allowed George. Thank You!”

“Aaron had a great experience. He was very enthused to go every morning and talked about the camp for days afterward. He liked the “free stuff” he received. He liked getting some exercise. He liked different positions, scrimmages, and meeting the ‘football players/coaches’.”

“I’m sure that he had a good experience, he said that the coaches made him feel encouraged. Besides learning a great deal about football, we were impressed with the ‘pep-talks’ that were given. It’s important for our kids to hear about the importance of school, priorities, hard work, staying out of trouble and away from drugs, etc. from people they admire other than their parents. Thanks for a great camp, I’m sure Seth will be back next year.”

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